Rebranding to Avoid Responsibility

One of the most interesting things that always happens during Black History Month (happy Black History Month by the way!) is the conversation around what it means to be an influencer always flares up: most typically when a white influencer gets called out for something covertly or overtly racist and the blowback is always the same.

  • I love black people, I have black friends and they said this was fine
  • I’ve donated thousands to black charities, you can’t say I don’t help
  • it’s not my job to police everyone who walks through my community

To be…

Under the Thumb of ‘Appreciation’ but Not ‘Gain’

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We need to have a talk about how many of our white colleagues view handing us trophies, awards, severely low pay (+ visibility I guess), and cookies as the same as community growth, opportunities, and well-being. Let me explain.

Over the last year, the hellscape that is the decade of 2020 has really highlighted to me what many think allyship is. Originally I was terrified and flattered to be considered for so many things. Invites to summits, inclusion in conferences, suggestions for panels-it all felt new, and like I was finally making…

How Being Impartial Is Our Greatest Downfall

We really need to have a conversation about what it truly means to be ‘impartial.’ You hear and see a lot of companies toss that around a great deal: how they have to remain ‘impartial’ to politics, or ‘impartial’ so that they don’t look like playing favorites. ‘Impartial’ so that we can’t say who you can and cannot vote for, but ‘we agree with you that no one with a sliver of sense should be supporting Trump’.

The problem is, this is what ‘impartial’ gets you:

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‘We don’t want to appear to sway one way or another, but we agree Trump bad.’ -every single person who capes for this mess then is surprised ‘things are so bad’

At what stage are we going to…

Watching and Observing Nothing

I sit, as people I look up to, all the time make fun of me because ‘you always got something to say, you always tweeting, you always running your mouth, you always vocal’ who then go out and give accolades and praise to the same commentary said by white people, by men. I get told constantly by my peers that I’m ‘always talking about something’ with that kind of passive undertone that I’m doing too much. Told always to tone myself when literally their favorites are me*, but men, or white.

I contemplate this as election…

This is a longer than normal, pretty heavy piece, just a FYI.

I remember the day I ‘knew’ beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was a leftist. I wasn’t always like this-I once upon a time believed in silliness like ‘reverse-racism’, or how ‘black folx could be racists too’ and — listen, let’s not reflect on 19-year old Vanessa. There’s a story to tell and a point to be made.

The night of Michael Brown’s death is when it reverberated through my soul just how much people didn’t care about black bodies, let alone the stability of black…

Cash that check, but don’t stint criticism because of it

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2020 has proven to be a very, very tiring decade.

A small note: I actually starting writing and drafting this back in April or so. With life, the universe, and everything in a pretty constant state of chaos, I’ve had to go back and revise it a few times. I apologize if it comes off as somewhat incoherent. I promise I’ll try to get back into a stream of writing.

I live in Indianapolis, IN. We’re jokingly (or lovingly, depending on who you talk to) referred to as the ‘armpit of America’. We’ve been known statistically as one of the…

A compiling of a tweet thread re: abusers in industry/receipts

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(everything here are items that were posted on my Twitter @pleasantlytwstd and is just being archived for easier digestion and readability)

alright, second cup of tea is going. So. Fuckass Abusers: Where Are They Now? Or as I’ve realized it’s going to be called: a study in why receipt culture is GOOD.

Now then: I wanna talk about receipt culture. Because people LOVE to slide through and be like ‘receipts are petty, imagine dedicating this time to screenshots lol’ and it’s used as a GASLIGHTING TACTIC in and of itself…

So you need to understand COVID-19 quickly + resources

This is going to be different than my usual posts. I’m making this specifically to house information about COVID that I’ve come across and found either useful, informative, or a high combo of both. I’m not a medical professional, but I AM a data miner by trade and have a MS in data analytics and research. Finding STUFF is kind of my vice.

An idea “borrowed” and expanded in Medium courtesy of the talents, knowledge, and gracefulness of medical professionals and people directly involved in industries. Front to back: ‘what is…

BHM Summit, Front Page, and Not Being Built For Shit

Close up shot of two keynote speakers, with an extended view of an audience, watching on and listening.
Close up shot of two keynote speakers, with an extended view of an audience, watching on and listening.
I’m the goober with the tea. It’s a representation of how I felt at most of the summit tbh

Two years ago, I’d have never told you that ‘yea, so I’m going to be on the front page a few times, I’m going to Twitch HQ, I’m getting directly connected to staff, and I’ll be viewed as a beacon of change in content creation spaces, you can count on it!’ Past me and current me have two things in common: really big toothy smiles and not being sure what the hell is going on.

This last week I went to the Twitch BHM Summit and I spent Saturday on…

Why Waiting to Help Then Demanding Recognition Isn’t It

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Over the course of the last few days there’s been two flavors of discourse that have floated all over streamer twitter:
- Black History Month
-’Ally’ tags…again

I originally planned on writing about these items individually, but the more I considered it the more it began to intertwine, even though the tag discourse stemmed from queer spaces. It works out given that I’m a black queer woman so I’ve seen both conversations as they happen. So, let’s talk about it.

Black History Month

This past Saturday marked the start of February, and like clockwork…

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